www.mmova.com cannot become an excuse for corruption early years

www.mmova.com cannot become an excuse for corruption early years

Fourth Court of Dandong www.mmova.com intermediate court, Xie dressed in prison garb and white hair, standing in the dock, relying on hearing aids listen to judge his trial Xie has served as Vice Chairman of the Chinese Football Association, the football Management Center Director. Jailbird in the old days, "head of the Chinese football" in an interview with Xinhua when he said, "people give you gifts if you don't have people getting really sick, you will offend people. In this environment, people are slowly becoming numb, lost his vigilance, human exchanges and gradually evolved into a criminal act. ”

The corruption of others is not itself grounds for corruption. The soil of "pollution", sector corruption cannot become an excuse for corruption early years shortly after taking office, Xie Yalong has vowed to change the face of football behind in China, football achieve good results at the Beijing Olympic Games in China, but confuses right soaked in unspoken rules, Xie still are unable to resist the lure of money. In the eyes of most of a former "clean government" prosecutors accused of taking bribes of more than the first year, the sport began to take the road to professional reform, football's income from hundreds of dollars monthly salary all at once across a win has recorded tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses. Money is football of Rubik's cube, it can let football hot up, and fire up, promoting football scroll forward, also can let artificial of fans eye crazy, took to the astray original football movement Management Center Director nanyong has has had brilliant of life: years, only age of nanyong adjustable into China FA, became then China football circle in most has capacity, and most has future of officials one; he also has experience has years as China delegation head of, and led country football rushed into World Cup of brilliant. That know football, loved soccer tough guy, has become the captive of money nanyong said in an interview in jail: "problem appeared in itself, without binding yourself, whether at high-risk posts or you are at low risk of jobs that can be a problem. I feel very guilty, ashamed, I should take responsibility for this. ”

Huang Chun-chieh, former famous football referee, Golden whistle in mouth of "black whistle", this should be the most fair and impartial law enforcement post becomes lianqian black tool. Huang Chun-chieh was in tears on confessions of the Tribunal said: "I'm sorry parents, sorry fans. ”

Once you don't have freedom, we would feel how precious freedom is. Deputy Director Yang Yimin, former Director of football Administration Center at the time of trial, and shed a repentant tears, he said: "the party and the State have given me a lot of opportunities, I didn't make those opportunities into career energy. I should have played an exemplary role in this position, but clean enough, played a negative role in career development. I'm willing to make up for his mistake, whether in any way. ”

Regrets tears fell upon the football on the human heart, words of regret beating every football player of Shanghai Shen Si had the age of human soul is an excellent midfielder in China, who received fifa 14 coins xbox the Tianjin Teda Club million dollar bribe, deliberately let their team lose in the competition. When he had the opportunity to defend himself in court when he moved obsequiousness to observe the father said: "Dad, I made a mistake, I'm sorry. ”

Solemn trial to Chinese football with great shock. Said one longtime Football Club, for a dozen years, leading some, get the referees give points get a fair, a consolation, we are naturally black as white. The football trial is indeed a baptism on a football environment, every soccer person back to life a long Management Center and the Chinese Football Association Director of football is always "two brand, one people", government agencies and social organizations both identity sets in one. Derived from the Chinese Football League "tubes do not" has been marred by outsiders. Football Sports Management Center, a government agency should be responsible for macro-development of football, but when you see after the League's best interests, they quickly put on the Chinese Football Association and the Super League companies "vest", personally operate, operating as a professional League. Both referees, when an athlete under the rules, some people on benefits, trouble years in Super League final round, just walk into football, Xie came to Jinan. When Shandong asking him to take care of it, is Deputy President of the Football Association, Xie hinted nanyong right away for the Centre, taking care of the home team at the referee.

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